About Our Products

Here you will discover Sisters 3D, themed Memory Boxes - in traditional or alternative style, for all occasions. Each handcrafted box is numbered and comes with an authentication card.

Whilst some designs will be repeated - the Zodiac and Baby Keepsake Boxes for example - the individual designs are made only once, offering the opportunity to own or gift something unique and special.

All of the Memory and Keepsake Boxes can be personalised, customised or a bespoke design can be created around the theme of your choice.

Each Memory Box is hand painted and decorated both inside and out. They are made from wood and have a metal clasp and hinges. Sizes vary although the most used is 16x16x8 cm. Bases are felted. 

There's a sprinkling of confetti inside, or perhaps dried flowers or seashells. A  personalised wooden tag can be attached to the clasp (add a name, a date, a sentiment), with a tiny charm. The sides can be decorated too.

We also offer handmade beeswax candles, in particular a selection of duos for each sabbat, Tarot Card Boxes, Tissue Boxes and jewellery.