All Memory Boxes are hand painted and decorated both inside and out. They are made from wood and have a metal clasp and hinges. Sizes vary although the most used is 16x16x8 cm. Bases are felted. Each comes with a numbered authentication card.

 Creation, Poe & Harlequin Memory Boxes

There's a sprinkling of confetti inside, or perhaps dried flowers or seashells. A  personalised wooden tag can be attached to the clasp (add a name, a date, a sentiment), with a tiny charm. The sides can be decorated too.

Morrigan, Sekhmet & Hedgewitch Memory Boxes

Some boxes, the Zodiacs for instance, are made to a particular design but the interior can be customised. Most are one-of-a-kind designs. All can be personalised.

Madame Butterfly, Lady of Skulls & Fine Lady Memory Boxes sistersofthemoon.

There are many ways to personalise your box. You might like to see a collage of photographs on the inside lid or a handwritten note, or lines from a favourite poem or song, or a sketch of a special place.

Interiors & Tags

Memory boxes can be made for all occasions - weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduation, christenings ...  or just because you'd like to give someone something pretty! Themes can be centered around a hobby, an interest, a person's personality, a favourite place or book or song ... ideas are really only limited by imagination. 

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