The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life


The Tree of Life

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The Celtic people understood trees to have living souls and magical powers.They protected the land and were a gateway to other dimensions. The Tree of Life (crann bethadh) was a symbol of re-birth, longevity. strength and knowledge. With its branches reaching high and its roots tunneling deep into the earth, it connected them to the world above and the one below.

Tree of Life Box W 

Just the perfect place to keep your crystals, Tarot decks and more.


The box is made of wood.

It measures approximately 16x16x8 cm.

It has a metal clasp, hinges and decorative corners.

It has a raised effect (sides)/old leather (top) effect.

The exterior is painted a metallic emerald (antiqued).

The Tree is laser cut wood (painted umber and gold).

The interior is painted a soft, pale green.

The base is felted.

It comes with an authentication card.


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