Flower Frame

Flower Frame


Flower Frame

 A beautiful box for all your wedding keepsakes. It's painted a lustrous metallic silver and finished with filigree silver corners. It measures approximately 16x16x8 cm, is made from wood and has a metal clasp and hinges.

The beautifully 3D decorated frame holds a photograph of your choice and comes with a template for the perfect fit.

Photo Frame Wedding Keepsake Box sistersofthemoon.org.uk

The mini heart can be personalised with the couple's initials.

Photo Frame Wedding Keepsake Box Mini Heart sistersofthemoon.org.uk


The interior is painted a soft cornflower blue and the silver wooden heart on the inside lid can be personalised as you wish.

Interior of Photo Frame Wedding Keepsake Box sistersofthemoon.org.uk

The wooden tag, tied to the clasp with a purple ribbon and featuring a silver coloured heart and dove charm, can be personalised or can simply read "Our Wedding Keepsakes".

Charm for Wedding Keepsake Box (Photo Frame)

The sides of the keepsake box are decorated with silver coloured filigree plaques.

Side plaque Photo Frame Wedding Box sistersofthemoon.org.uk

Red, heart shaped confetti is sprinkled across the base.

As with all Sisters Memory and Keepsake boxes it comes with a numbered authentication card.

This box is available for immediate purchase.

This design will be re-made but no two boxes will ever be completely replicated as the type of flowers may vary and the butterflies will be painted in colours to match or tone.

If you would like a box in this design but with flowers etc to co-ordinate with your colour scheme please use the contact form.




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