21st April - 201st May 

The traditonal sign for Taurus is The Bull.

Taurus Zodiac Box sistersofthemoon.org.uk

The bull depicted here is taken from a C15 illuminated manuscript and the surrounding "frame" has been painted in the colours appropriate to that style of illustration, copper, gold, bronze, black and ultramarine. The picture is further embellished with a cluster of 3D poppies and a gold cherub (two Taurean associations). The wooden clasp tag has a bronze sun charm attached and the words "warm hearted" - a Taurean attribute.

Taurus Zodiac Box Close Up Details sistersofthemoon.uk 2

The box is made from wood, has a metal clasp and hinges, and measures 16x16x8 cm. The surface of the box has been texturised, then painted a metallic bronze colour and aged to give an ancient appearence, and finished with filigree antique bronze coloured corners. The base is felted. All Zodiac boxes come with a numbered authentication card (the Zodiac boxes are numbered by sign i.e. no 1 is the first one made in that particular design), and a card which lists some of the Taurean attributes. The interior is painted silver (one of the colours associated with Taureans), and hidden inside the lid is the constellation of Taurus plotted out in tiny bronze stars across the backdrop of the night sky.

Taurus Zodiac Box  Constellation Detail sistersofthemoon.org.uk

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