August 24th - September 22nd 

The traditional symbol for Virgo is "the maiden", a beautiful young girl.

Virgo Memory Box (1)

Virgo Memory Box

This maiden is from a painting by Arthur Hughes. She stands looking back over her shoulder, half framed by leaves and flowers, whilst tiny silver dragonflies hover around her.

The box is painted silver and has been distressed to give a vintage feel. It is made from wood and measures 16x16x8 cm and has a metal clasp and hinges. The filigree metal corners are a white shade of silver.

The interior of the box is painted deep blue (one of the colours associated with the sign of Virgo), and there is a sprinkling of confetti in the base. The exterior base of the box is felted. Inside the lid is the Virgoan constellation, set out in tiny bronze stars across a backdrop of the night sky. 

The box tag has the word "constant" written on it (a Virgoan attribute), and a sun charm attached. 

As with all Sisters of the Moon Memory Boxes, this box comes with a numbered authentication card. The Zodiac boxes are numbered by sign.

Totem Animal - Bear

Tarot Card - the Hermit









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