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  1. Woman at Work

    Procrastination anyone?

    Yes of course, if you just got on with it you could be sitting down for dinner before midnight and go to sleep knowing you've done a good day's work. But! It doesn't always work out like that, does it?

    Because sometimes you just have to -

    1. Channel your inner Anthea Turner and clean all the grouting round the bathroom tiles. With a toothbrush.

    2.Write those thank you notes you didn't get round to in the festive break because you were too full of cheese/chocolate/ fizz and the Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special was on the telly.

    3. Re. the above: spend a not inconsiderable amount of time pondering which notelets to use (possibly then deciding you really ought to make all the cards yourself, thus putting off actually writing said notes. #DoubleProcrastination).

    4. Entice the cat to sit on your knee then not have the heart to remove her when she's so cosy and replace her with your laptop.

    5. Trawl Amazon, then Ebay, then the entire internet for that particular make and shade of lipstick (it truly was the perfect nude), when you jolly well know it no longer exists.

    6. Finally accept the above then re-trawl for a shade that's almost the same.

    7. Watch some videos on YouTube that show you how to remove the scratches on your glasses with toothpaste (and a credit card???). Well, all the better to see your laptop screen. Obviously.

    Taking A Nap

    8. Take a little nap in the guise of meditating/visualising the entire blog post so you can type it up in record speed when you come to.

    9. Decide your blog posts will be more authentic if you connect with the page, so now you must hunt out the perfect notebook and pen from your stationery drawer. (Which, while you are there, should probably be de-cluttered and re-organised).

    Or, if it looks very much like tears before bedtime, write a list ...

    Happy shilly-shallying!

    Love, Liss x

  2. Forever Blog2

    “ … things possess the power of recall, of recollection … things are memoirs of the existences that once were theirs … “ Norman Lock

    “Don’t let them take it off me,” my husband said, pointing at his wedding ring. He meant when he died. And I didn’t, he was buried wearing it as he wished. It was his to take with him on his journey to the Summerland.

    But what about all those other precious things he’d worn and used every day – his watch, his glasses, the love stones I gave him that he always carried around in his pockets, his Montblanc pen? I wanted to keep them all but I didn’t know what to do with them. I didn’t want to tuck them away in a drawer and forget they were there.

    If I’d known about Memorial Boxes at the time I’m sure I would have bought one. As it was, I found a tin that used to have notelets in it and used that. The lid was also a picture frame so I put a favourite photo of L. in it, taken on a wonderfully happy day in Winchester.

    Remembrance Box Blog2

    Some time later I came across these words by W S Merwin and put them under L.’s pic:

    “Your absence has gone through me

    Like a thread through a needle

    Everything I do is stiched with its colour”

    I keep the tin on a bookshelf next to my desk. It brings me enormous comfort.


    At some point I discovered that Memorial Boxes were actually a thing. I think they originated in the US. Does anybody know? I had started Sisters by then and I really liked the idea of adding a Remembrance Box to our list. My sister thought it was rather a mawkish idea but I knew how much L.’s meant to me and I was sure many other people would feel the same.


    Obviously I couldn’t show photographs of other people’s, as examples on the website or social media because that was private, too personal, so I decided to make one for my mum and use that.

    Remembrance Memorial Boxes by Blog

    As you can see, I used a studio portrait for the exterior, one she’d had taken when she was first married, and inside the lid I painted the silhouette of a ballerina because she had trained in ballet and had a career as a dancer and an actress as a young woman. I painted the interior her favourite shade of green. I keep some of the postcards she drew for me, in there, her Equity card, some small pieces of jewellery, all sorts of things that remind me of her.


    I always feel very honoured and privileged to create Remembrance Boxes. People have such wonderful stories to tell about their loved ones and I strive to capture something of their essence in the design.


    Whoever first came up with the idea, whenever it was, gave us all a lovely way to hold on to our memories and keep those mementos safe.

     Liss x