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"In the Studio" Monday 8th June 2015

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In the studio? I haven’t been anywhere near the studio this morning and it’s already 10 to 11. No, I ‘ve been clearing up corpses. Well, one corpse - a poor little sparrow that the cat, Greta, brought in - but one’s enough. I hope it’s not an omen. I opened the bathroom door (admittedly, there had been rather a lot of scuffling going on whilst I was cleaning my teeth but it never occurred to me, in my befuddled state after not getting to bed till the small hours, that a murder was taking place), and thought, “Blimey, that’s a hairball and a half,” and then I realized it was a pile of bloodied feathers. I wrapped the poor creature in a tissue and left it on the landing while I got dressed. Went back out on to the landing ten minutes later to find that Greta had had another go at the bird - feathers (and bits I didn’t examine too closely) strewn around and half way down the stairs … and the worst of it is that the head is now missing. Still not recovered.


Butter wouldn’t melt!

Greta June 2014 (2)

 I hope all this unpleasant carry on hasn’t set the standard for the week ahead! Which, actually, I had rather been looking forward to. The reason I was so late to bed last night (this morning), was because I spent a good part of Sunday taking photographs and making digital altered art for Sisters latest venture. Anytime soon (corpse removal permitting), I will be uploading images to our various new outlets - Zazzle and Society 6 amongst them. These are some of the pics I'm going to use -

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 People seem to be loving the Tarot Card Boxes so I’m making a fourth one. I’m loving this chest shaped box. This is how it started out - 

The Bare Bones

 - and this is how far it’s got. It’s had 3 coats of paint on the outside and two inside, and has been thoroughly distressed (a bit like me!). I’m thinking this would also make a great box for men - Father’s Day’s around the corner - with some simple embellishment, a filigree plaque perhaps. What do you think?


 Really want to crank up the kiln and make a silver Summer Solstice pendant. I've been making sketches. I’d like to make one for every sabbat. That’s always been the plan but two years later … (it's the need-more-time-and-elves thing again).

Unbelievably, Sisters was two years old on June Ist. It still amazes me that Sisters exists at all. This is so different to anything I’ve ever done before and I love it. I so, so, want to be able to keep it going. Hopefully I’ll keep finding new things to throw into the mix. I notice a lot of makers have second strings to their bow or diversify. I’ve got one or two ideas bubbling in the pot … and I’ll tell you about them as they evolve (and probably be asking your advice). Despite all the bad things that have happened since L. died (not least him dying in the first place), I still have hope, I still know joy. I’ve let the Universe know I’m open to new ideas, I’m ready to go forward. I’m alert for signs. (I hope that dead bird is a symbolic full stop to all the obstacles and ill luck rather than the death of all my hopes!). I have a poster on my workroom wall - a friend’s words to me when I first started Sisters and was afraid I couldn’t make it happen, and those words keep me going: “Do it for L., Liss. Make L. proud of what you become.” Somewhere out in the Summerland, I hope he is.

 With love, Liss, x





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