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"In the Studio" Monday 18th May 2015

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Well now, here's a promise: a regular Monday post about work in progress!

Welcome to my workroom on this dark and rainy morning. Maybe when I've had a bit of tidy up I'll share some photos with you in another post. I love seeing pics of other people's workspaces, don't you? I'm really lucky because I actually have 3 rooms to work in - a little box room where I store all the bubble wrap, completed Memory Boxes and packing stuff, an office we jokingly call "the library" because the walls are lined with floor to ceiling bookcases, and my late husband's office where I do all my making. I love having L.'s room to work in even though it was planned out for his work (he was a designer), and not mine, so none of the work surfaces and cupboards are in quite the right place. Not that I could bring myself to rip it out and start from scratch, even if I could afford to, because I love having all his things around me and using his drawing pens and bits and pieces. We worked together in this room (I was a partner in the business), so I find it hugely comforting to carry on working here.

Which brings me to ... skulls!

skulls (2)

I've been taking a lot of skull pics lately for artwork for some Gothic style pieces I'm working on, which will form part of the Alternative Wedding Collection. I'm not going to give a definite date because I always seem to get behind but hopefully, by the end of the year, I will have launched Sisters Alternative Wedding Emporium. So far, there are going to be Steampunk, Gothic, Faerie and Vintage style items - Keepsake Boxes, Wedding Wells, favours and jewellery. I'm working hard on making examples of items for each section.  I'm currently making a Gothic Wedding Keepsake box, have been playing about with textures and I think I've finally achieved what I envisaged - a cracked, ancient leather appearence. What do you think?

Textured finish

This morning I'm putting the finishing touches to a Leo Memory Box - making the constellation - then it's ready to be posted to its new home.

Leo Memory Box WIP


Oh, yes, I made a new Pinterest board on Saturday of the Tarot Card Boxes. There's only one left now so I think I need to make some more. Each design is made only once so the Tarot Card Box you buy is unique. My favourite is the Pentagram box, what's yours?

Sisters Tarot Card Boxes Pinterest Cover

Love Pinterest but please, please can they make it possible to move pictures around a board? I keep forgetting to work backwards, as it were. Did read a good tip though: if you've made a board and realise some pics are in the wrong place, start another board and move your pics across - in reverse order, of course. This way you don't have to re-import all the pics and re-write the descriptions. It's tedious but it works!

I'm off to work now. I hope you all have an inspired, productive week. There's always something rather tantalising about Mondays, you know, the chance to start all over again ...

Love, Liss, x






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