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Sisters' Story

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Sisters Story Blog

This post is about ...

 ... how and why Sisters began. And because it began for such personal reasons, I guess it’s my story, too.


Sisters of the Moon is ...

 ... an independent online Emporium founded in 2013, selling handmade Memory Boxes, Gemstone Jewellery, Candles and other delights. Many of the designs reflect our Pagan roots. It’s run by me, Liss, from my home studio in Surrey,  and I am supported by my sister N., who makes all our candles.


 Sisters began ...

 ... for very personal reasons when my husband died.

 In the dark days and weeks after his death it became apparent that, financially, my situation was pretty precarious. I realised just how desperate things were when the solicitor I’d consulted buried his head in his hands and declared, “Bloody hell, what a mess!” Due to a series of unfortunate legal glitches and errors I was left almost penniless and in danger of losing my home.

 Weeks of meetings followed with our accountant as the piles of papers and box files mounted on the dining room table. The more he delved, the worse things seemed to become. Friends and relatives took me to see various “people who might be able to help” but frighteningly, none of them could.

  It was (and still is) a tangled web. I’ll spare you all the ins and outs although I have to say, there could be a future blog post here – what happened to me was preventable, and I’ve met so many people since who didn’t realise it could happen to them, too.

 It truly was one of the darkest periods of my life, ever. I’d lost my soul mate (he really was), and it seemed that everything else was going to be taken from me as well.

 Clearly, I needed to earn a living, but how? It was the most casual of casual conversations that lit the spark. I’ve always been intrigued by Joseph Cornell’s shadow boxes and I was telling a friend about them. “You know, “ I said, “I’d love to make my own kind of shadow box, some sort of keepsake box ... that tells a story ... that has a secret hidden inside.”

 So why don’t you?” she said. “Why don’t you make some and sell them?” And she ordered two on the spot - Sisters started right there. (I always say she created Sisters really).


 It wasn’t as simple as that, of course ...

 ... the Emporium didn’t appear, fully formed the next day. It was a gradual thing but I knew I’d found what I wanted to do. The website was launched on October 29th 2013. It’s all been a huge learning curve. Still is! It evolved, it evolves ...


 It’s “Sisters” because ...

 ... although I run the business single handedly I have this band of fabulous girls (my actual sister and my sisters-under-the-skin), who supported me all through my husband’s illness and death, who I can call on, who help me out in all sorts of ways. I couldn’t have done any of this without them, they have been utterly brilliant. So it’s “Sisters” plural because it’s a true sisterhood. I don’t feel I’m on my own, there’s still an “us” in my life.


 And if the Emporium was born out of adversity ...

 ... it’s been forged in love. In Sisters I found my passion for “making”. All the love and force I put into trying to keep L. alive has been channelled into what I create. I work extraordinary hours (I hear you, all small biz owners!) but it’s so rewarding.  


 My wish for the future ...

 ... is to grow Sisters, live in the home L. and I made together and to keep on making and creating. It’s hardly a world shaking ambition but it would mean the world to me.


 To all the people who have bought from Sisters ...

 ... I want to say a heartfelt thank you. There are lots of beautiful makes out there (take a look on #handmadehour, #makehour, #CreativeBizHr or #crafthour on Twitter), any of which will feed your soul, but you chose, along the way, to buy something I made and I really appreciate that.


 Writing this post ...

 ... hasn’t been easy for me. I put off starting the blog because I knew, in order to tell you about Sisters I would have to reveal something of myself. As I said at the beginning, I can’t tell you the story of Sisters without telling you quite a lot about me. I had numerous discussions about “how personal should a business blog get?” – opinions varied, of course – but in the end I decided the one thing you have to be if you’re blogging is authentic. What, otherwise, is the point?


 And finally ...

 ... there are lots of exciting things happening with Sisters which I hope to write about in future posts but what I’m most looking forward to is sharing some of my fellow “makers’” work, amazing work I love and follow through their Twitter pages and websites.

 All blessings, Liss.



















































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  1. Hi, Such a bittersweet story. Pain like you've suffered can sometimes destroy. It can also transform. I'm happy that you found your way. I will see your creativeness through new eyes..... Debbie

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