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    "Weave together your heart's desire on the last snowflake of Winter and await the promise of Spring"

    Christine Jette

    Imbolc Goddess

    After the revels of Yule I am prone to The Great Slump.  Despite the days growing longer and brighter after the Winter Solstice, January, for me, is the darkest month. Whilst other people are earnestly penning their New Year's resolutions and hotfooting it to the gym, I am at my lowest ebb.

    After the joys and creative highs of Yule – I spend my days writing, making art, reading, studying, listening to music – I experience this overwhelming feeling of emptiness, desolation. I feel spiritually weary.

    Just the old January Blues, I guess.

    On the surface, life goes on. Only it hasn’t really started yet, this new year.

     I am in limbo, counting down the days until Imbolc.

     This “feast of flames” (celebrated at the beginning of February), heralds the returning light, the warmth of the sun, the coming of Spring, new life.  

    Of course, an Imbolc snowfall is not unknown, even here in the SE of England, but it’s what I always call an “ironic snowfall”. It’s Winter’s last grand hurrah, we shan’t be held in its grip. The snowdrops that push their way up out of the cold earth under the Silver Birch at the bottom of my garden, are testimony to that.

     There is a quickening.


    This is a time of quiet reflection, deep contemplation, illumination. In a way, it’s one long, gentle meditation all the way up to Ostara at the Vernal Equinox and I find that I restore myself to myself every season. Now is the time I lay my plans and re-order my life and my surroundings. 

    I honour Imbolc in different ways depending on whether I’m alone or with other people. There have been fabulous gatherings over the years and equally joyous lone ceremonies at my altar. 

    Imbolc Candles

    There is one tradition I keep, regardless, though and that is – at sundown – I walk through my home lighting up every room as I go until the house is ablaze. The dark days and thoughts of January are banished! Then I give thanks to the Goddess for all that has been and all that is to come. And so my new year begins at last. In hope. Above all, hope.

    With love and all blessings for Imbolc, Liss.

  2. Woman at Work

    Procrastination anyone?

    Yes of course, if you just got on with it you could be sitting down for dinner before midnight and go to sleep knowing you've done a good day's work. But! It doesn't always work out like that, does it?

    Because sometimes you just have to -

    1. Channel your inner Anthea Turner and clean all the grouting round the bathroom tiles. With a toothbrush.

    2.Write those thank you notes you didn't get round to in the festive break because you were too full of cheese/chocolate/ fizz and the Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special was on the telly.

    3. Re. the above: spend a not inconsiderable amount of time pondering which notelets to use (possibly then deciding you really ought to make all the cards yourself, thus putting off actually writing said notes. #DoubleProcrastination).

    4. Entice the cat to sit on your knee then not have the heart to remove her when she's so cosy and replace her with your laptop.

    5. Trawl Amazon, then Ebay, then the entire internet for that particular make and shade of lipstick (it truly was the perfect nude), when you jolly well know it no longer exists.

    6. Finally accept the above then re-trawl for a shade that's almost the same.

    7. Watch some videos on YouTube that show you how to remove the scratches on your glasses with toothpaste (and a credit card???). Well, all the better to see your laptop screen. Obviously.

    Taking A Nap

    8. Take a little nap in the guise of meditating/visualising the entire blog post so you can type it up in record speed when you come to.

    9. Decide your blog posts will be more authentic if you connect with the page, so now you must hunt out the perfect notebook and pen from your stationery drawer. (Which, while you are there, should probably be de-cluttered and re-organised).

    Or, if it looks very much like tears before bedtime, write a list ...

    Happy shilly-shallying!

    Love, Liss x