Alternative Wedding Keepsake Boxes

Alternative Wedding Keepsake Boxes

Having an alternative, themed wedding? Or attending one and looking for an unusual gift?

A Wedding Box not only keeps all those precious mementos safe and in once place, but is a decorative homeware item, a lovely reminder of the day. Owning one of these keepsake boxes means you don't have to search drawers and cupboards or the loft each time you'd like to look at a special card or trinket to remind yourself of that special time.

The boxes come in two sizes - and can be designed to fit the theme of your wedding perfectly - steampunk, faerie, gothic, rockabilly, whatever, and personalised in a variety of ways. The interior is decorated too, and that's just the place to incorporate handwritten love notes, or special photographs perhaps. Each box is individually created so the finished item is totally unique.

See the Custom Order page for more information about how I will create the perfect box for you.


Sizing & Pricing Guide

16x16x8 cm (from £37.99)

20x25x10 cm (from £41.99)